We at H R Jasper & Son Ltd manufacture fresh lamb carcases and offals and provide the highest standards of food safety, legality and quality at all times. We manufacture and market these products both for domestic and abroad markets. Our purpose is to produce products to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are totally dedicated to animal welfare and employ competent Welfare Officers who comply with the WATOK (Welfare at time of Killing) Regulations 2015 within the lairage and slaughterhall.

In order to achieve our aims a HACCP plan has been produced after a full hazard analysis of our operations to monitor and control any risk to food safety.

A quality management system has been developed to monitor, control and maintain a high level of product safety, legality and quality and provides the framework for the implementation of the HACCP.

Our quality management system is designed to ensure the maintenance of the product quality through evaluation, inspection and verification processes at all stages of production.

Each employee is aware of our policy on food safety and receives appropriate training, instruction and supervision commensurate with their work activity to enable them to work to set standards.

The health and safety and the duty of care of employees are of major importance to the company. A risk assessment of all tasks has been carried out and implemented to ensure a safe working environment.

The company have Ethical Trading and Environmental Policies.